Warrantee Terms & Conditions

This is a labour and call out contract only. Cover is for repair costs to your appliance as a result of mechanical or electrical breakdown.

The cost of any parts fitted will be charged and are not reclaimable under this policy but may be guaranteed on a separate invoice. Length of guarantee of the part will be written on the invoice. We do not cover an appliance with a manufactures parts warranty.

The policy does not cover parts. Also the appliance or the re supplying of any appliance, if determined that parts are no longer available from any manufacturer, or cannot be repaired for any reason or rendered beyond repair. We do not replace appliance or contribute to cost of replacement.

Damage or breakdown due to loss of external or internal utility supply. Incorrect settings of controls. Damage of a cosmetic nature from customer i.e. : scratching, denting, chipping, staining, rusting, trim faults and damage to any other such mechanically non functional item, including ceramic glass, damage caused by foreign objects or substances.

Replacement costs for, or damage to consumable items such as batteries, light bulbs, filters, belts, brushes, tools and accessories, power leads including their plugs and fuses.

Rectifying blockages / blocked drains on household plumbing that the appliance is connected to. We will be able to determine if this is the case.

Compensation for loss of use of the appliance and consequential loss of any kind i.e. damaged clothes, cutlery, food or appliance. We will not pay for any replacement parts or contribute towards the cost of a replacement appliance should this be necessary for any reason.

The service plan agreement may be canceled at any time within 14 days. The premium will only be refunded if you have not made any claim.

All repairs are done by D. R. Services. No claims are paid what so ever for any other repair people or companies.